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Kanji is not a picture of un-ordered paths. A kanji is usually composed from other kanjis, called elements, in a strictly rules that may reveal kanji speech and meanings.

This Kanji Dictionary allow you not only to lookup Japanese Kanji details as normal dictionary but also to understand the list of that kanji’s elements which can help you deeply understand and quickly remember about kanji detail.

From element list, you can deduct your own mnemonic. For example:
+ East(東) = Sun(日) + Tree (木) (the sun rises above the tree at the East)
+ Rest(休) = Man(人) + Tree (木) (the man stand beside the tree for Rest)

With this dictionary, you can do lookup by:
+ English meanings
+ Japanese hiragara
+ Japanese katakana
+ Japanese kanji itself

Enjoy Japanese Learning!


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